Best Mattress for a Guest Room

Choosing a mattress for a guest room can be almost more challenging than selecting a mattress for yourself:

  • You have to think about multiple people’s needs and preferences.
  • Your bed might be sleeping couples and single adults alike.
  • It might have to accommodate sleepers of different heights.

There are endless possibilities. Good thing we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing a mattress to fit everyone’s needs. Below, we’ll talk about a few of the best guest beds on the market and how to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for a Guest Room: Zoma Mattress

If you’re looking for an amazing guest room mattress that will offer the most adaptability and versatility, the Zoma Mattress is for you. This mattress was designed by and for athletes, meaning it’s built from top to bottom with restorative sleep in mind.

In the comfort layer, you’ll find Zoma’s proprietary three-zoned TriangulexTM gel foam. This foam targets different areas of the body. It offers more support to lighter areas like the head and feet and more cushioning to heavier areas like hips and shoulders. Gel infusions work with the AirCloth cover to ensure cooler sleep.

Underneath, the ReactivTM transition layer puts the bounce back in the comfort layer and helps make this a responsive bed for active and combo sleepers. No matter how much your guests toss and turn during the night, the Zoma will spring back into place.

Underneath the transition foam, the Support+ bottom layer helps encourage alignment in the spine. It also ensures the Zoma Mattress will retain its shape and resist sagging. This means you can expect this mattress to last a full ten years.

All foam layers are certified by CertiPUR-US®, which means they are free of potentially harmful chemicals.

As with all Zoma products, the Zoma Mattress comes with free shipping and free returns. It also offers a 100-night sleep trial. That makes a purchase from Zoma truly risk-free!

Best Hybrid Mattress for a Guest Room: Zoma Hybrid

If you want to enhance your guests’ experience even further, the Zoma Hybrid is a great mattress. The Zoma Hybrid adds luxury and breathability to the original Zoma. The Hybrid swaps the Support+ core for a support layer of pocketed coils for adaptability and enhanced edge support.

These coils help pull body heat away from sleepers to create a refreshingly cool night’s sleep. The pocketed coils are also responsive and adaptable at the same time. Perfect for active sleepers who like to toss and turn or couples with different sleep styles.

Above the coils, you have a layer of cooling perforated gel memory foam and the same ReactivTM response layer. The ReactivTM transition layer doesn’t just add responsiveness to the Zoma Hybrid. It also protects your guests from pressure from the pocketed coils (extra host points for you).

The Zoma Hybrid also features the same ventilated AirCloth cover that comes on the original Zoma Mattress. Combined with the perforated gel memory foam and breathable coil core, that makes for one cooling, comfortable mattress.

Best of all, the Zoma Hybrid is on the more affordable end of the hybrid price range. At $999 for a queen, the Zoma comes in well under the average price for a queen hybrid of $1,700. That’s excellent for hosts looking to avoid spending too much on a hybrid mattress that won’t be used every single night.

Best Guest Room Mattress on Amazon: Zoma Start

Those who want the most affordable mattress for their guest room should check out the Zoma Start. The Zoma Start offers the same performance-enhancing sleep that the original Zoma does at a lower price.

The Start does this by creating a simpler, more streamlined mattress to cut manufacturing costs. On top, you still have the same breathable gel memory foam without the TriangulexTM feature present in the original Zoma.

You also have a thinner ReactivTM layer and a thicker high-density foam support core. This makes for a slightly firmer mattress than the medium-firm Zoma Mattress and Zoma Hybrid. It’s perfect for those who know they’ll have guests who need some extra support.

How to Pick a Guest Room Mattress

Guest room mattresses need to be versatile to either accommodate people with different tastes and unique needs. Your guestroom might be sleeping a hot sleeper one week and an active sleeper the next. Guest room mattresses also need to fit into often smaller rooms while still accommodating more than one person. The good news is, there are several ways to achieve all these goals.


Most of the time, your guest bedroom might see more than one guest. Sometimes, it will see more than one guest at a time. Depending on your space, just about any mattress size can sleep two people.


Also called single beds, twin mattresses come in at 38 by 75 inches. Realistically, these mattresses are best for guest rooms that will see a lot of use by children. If you’re going to be having adult guests, twin beds are not long enough to accommodate sleepers over six feet tall.

To sleep multiple visitors in your guest room, you’ll need a dual twin bed setup.

If you don’t have the space for two twin size mattresses side by side, you can get dual twin beds in your guest room using bunk beds. You might also do it with a trundle bed or even twin Murphy beds. No matter your setup, pretty much the only way to sleep multiple guests with twin mattresses is to have more than one.

Twin XL

Like twins, twin XL mattresses are 38 inches wide. Unlike twins, twin XL beds are 80 inches long. This makes them a better choice for guest rooms that will see a lot of use by adults. Since twin XLs are the same width as twins, you’ll need a dual bed setup to sleep multiple guests.

You can do bunk beds, trundle beds, or any other dual bed layout. You might also consider a twin XL daybed for a multi-purpose guestroom.


Full beds are also called double beds because they can technically sleep two people. However, it will be a tight fit. Most of the time, we recommend couples avoid the 54 by 75-inch full size mattress because it’s not a comfortable fit for most couples, especially couples with a larger or taller partner.

However, if a full size mattress is the biggest size that can fit in your bedroom, it can temporarily accommodate couples in a pinch. It just won’t offer them very much wiggle room and probably won’t be a great solution for two adults for more than a few days.


Queen size mattresses are a better solution to accommodate two adult sleepers. At 60 by 80 inches, queen size beds fit in most bedrooms that fulls do, and they offer an additional six inches of width and five inches of length. This provides a bit more wiggle room for two adults, and it offers extra legroom to taller sleepers.

That makes it a more versatile option for the average-sized guest bedroom than a full size bed. Queen beds are the most popular bed size for guestrooms precisely because they’re the right balance between big enough to be comfortable and small enough to fit in a non-master bedroom.


Those who have some pretty massive guestrooms can spring for the king size mattresses. These 76 by 80-inch mattresses offer plenty of wiggle room to two sleepers. King size beds also fill out larger guest rooms that might be left looking empty by a queen.

Just remember, you need at least two feet of clearance around three sides of the bed to have enough clearance to get around the bedroom. You’ll need even more space if you plan to put extra furniture in the room.

California King

California king size mattresses usually only make good guest room beds if you have a massive guest room and you know you’ll be having extra-tall visitors. These 72 by 84-inch beds are made to fill out grand master bedrooms and accommodate sleepers well over six feet tall. So if neither of those criteria applies to your guest room, you might be better off with a king or queen mattress.


Since more than one person will be using your guest mattress, you’ll need one that can comfortably accommodate most sleep positions and most body types.

Sleep Style

Sleep style is the primary determinant of firmness needs. Side sleepers need the softest beds, and stomach sleepers need the firmest. Combo and back sleepers need something in the middle. Since you probably won’t know the sleep style of all your guests, it’s best to go with a mix of pressure relief and support. Choose a medium or medium-firm mattress.

Body Type

Guests with different body types also need different firmness levels. Sleepers over 230 pounds need firmer beds, while sleepers under 130 pounds need softer ones. Of course, you probably shouldn’t play a weight-guessing game with your guests.

If you know the average size of your guests, you can decide on a firmness level to suit them. For instance, if all your guests are shopping at the Big and Tall, you’re probably better off with a firmer bed. Otherwise, it’s best to meet in the middle again with a medium or medium-firm feel.

Mattress Type

There are certain types of mattresses that are likely better suited to multiple guests than others. If you’re having couples over, you’ll need to think about motion transfer and coolness. And, of course, you probably don’t want to break the bank for a mattress that won’t see nightly use.


Innerspring mattresses don’t make great guest room beds. They don’t isolate motion at all. They don’t contour very well. They tend to be too firm for side and combo sleepers.

Even innerspring mattresses with pillow tops still won’t last very long. Innerspring support cores are not durable, and that means you’ll be replacing your guest mattress every five to eight years.

Memory Foam

Memory foam makes for a great guest room mattress. Memory foam mattresses are affordable and durable. That means you won’t break the bank or have to replace your guest room mattress too often.

Memory foam contours to everyone’s unique shape, making it well-suited to accommodate many different sleepers. One thing to watch out for is memory foam’s heat retention. For a cooler, more breathable bed, consider gel memory foam or foam infused with copper or other thermal conductors to keep your visitors cool all night long.

Natural Latex

Most people don’t want to purchase an extremely expensive bed for their guest room. That is a big ding for latex mattresses because they are the most expensive mattress. However, they are also the most durable type of mattress. That means year-for-year, you’ll pay less for a latex mattress.

Natural latex is extremely cooling because this breathable material allows for tons of airflow. Latex is also springy for active sleepers while still maintaining its ability to contour and relieve pressure points. All this means latex foam is one of the best quality materials for a guest mattress if you’re willing to pay the premium.


Along with memory foam, hybrids make the best guest room mattresses because they’re durable, comparatively affordable, and comfortable for just about anyone.

Hybrid mattresses combine a top layer of foam with a support core of pocketed coils. That means they’re cooling for hot sleepers, bouncy for active sleepers, and adaptable to accommodate multiple sleep styles and body types.

Hybrid mattresses have a high average cost, but it’s much easier to find a good deal on a quality hybrid than it is to find an affordable latex mattress. Hybrids are also durable, so you won’t have to replace them all that often.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best mattress type for a guest bedroom?

If you want the absolute best mattress for a guest bedroom, a hybrid is your bed! Hybrids are pressure relieving yet supportive. They’re adaptable yet responsive. And they’re cooling for hot sleepers without losing their contouring ability. 

Those who want a more budget-friendly runner-up should check out memory foam. This material is not as responsive or cooling as a hybrid. But it’s a little more durable, and it has a lower initial cost. Memory foam is also highly contouring to accommodate a variety of needs. This makes it a good alternative to a hybrid mattress. 

Which firmness level should I get for my guest room?

Either a medium or medium-firm feel is best for a guest room. Middle-of-the-road beds offer the most versatility and can accommodate the highest number of sleepers. The combination of pressure relief and support can take a variety of sleep styles and body types. Softer mattresses will not be comfortable for heavier sleepers, while side sleepers will have a hard time on mattresses firmer than about a medium-firm.

Do I need a mattress protector for my guest mattress?

Yes. You should use a mattress protector with every mattress. Mattress protectors don’t just protect your new mattress from stains. They also protect it from pests and prevent moisture-related problems like mold and mildew from developing. 

Mattress protectors are also essential to preserve your manufacturer warranty, which could be voided by stains or odors. 

How do I tell if a guest mattress is high-quality?

There are several ways to determine whether you’re buying a quality mattress. The best way is to take a look at how strongly the seller or maker is backing it. Do they offer a 100-night sleep trial or more? Do they offer at least a 10-year warranty? Or better yet, a 20-year warranty? Do they have a lot of fine print that allows them to wiggle out of their promises?

Manufacturers that offer generous warranties and money-back guarantees are betting that you will be satisfied with their product and that it will stand the test of time. This is a good indicator they’ve made a quality product. 

Can I buy a secondhand mattress for my guest room?

It’s almost never a good idea to buy a secondhand mattress for any room. When you get a used mattress, you’re exposing yourself to the risk of bed bugs—and the thousands of dollars of treatments that come with them. Any secondhand mattress is also unlikely to have a warranty, meaning you’ll be on the hook for any manufacturer defects that you find. 

Bottom Line

Getting your guest mattress right is a great way to make your visitors’ stay amazing. You need a mattress that can keep hot sleepers cool, bounce back for those who like to toss and turn and adapt to a variety of sleep styles and body types. For this reason, we recommend either a gel memory foam mattress or a hybrid mattress for your guest bedroom.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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