California King Hybrid Mattress

A California king size hybrid is an excellent choice if you’re shopping for the best hybrid mattress. It’s a good option for any tall sleeper interested in sharing a mattress with a partner.

A hybrid’s construction is meant to provide the best of an innerspring and foam mattress. The bed features the pressure relief and motion isolation that foam mattresses are known for. However, it also has a breathable design and the responsiveness of an innerspring mattress.

Our Recommendation: The Zoma Hybrid

California King Hybrid MattressWe designed the Zoma Hybrid to promote restorative, restful sleep. There are four layers inside a Zoma Hybrid, bringing the bed to a total height of 12 inches:

  • First is 2 inches of gel memory foam
  • Next is 2 inches of Reactiv™ foam
  • Third is 7 inches of pocketed coils
  • At the bottom is 1 inch of stiff and sturdy foam

The top layer of gel memory foam is malleable, molding to your body as you lie down for pressure and pain relief. This layer also includes triangular cutouts on the foam’s surface to improve breathability and airflow.

The cutouts create flexibility in the head, shoulder, and leg areas, promoting a softer feeling and increasing pressure relief. The torso area does not have cutouts so that the middle of the mattress can provide uncompromised back support. The cutouts also double as passages, making it easier for air to travel through the mattress and carry away body heat.

The second layer of springy Reactiv™ foam lifts you, limiting sinkage that could cause back pain or leave you feeling stuck. The hybrid would not adapt so quickly to your movements without Reactiv™.

Every coil inside our hybrid is wrapped with fabric to increase comfort. The fabric acts as a barrier, preventing your movements from spreading across the mattress and interrupting sleep. The coils’ breathable construction promotes airflow that wicks away heat and moisture.

We arrange firm foams around the mattress’s perimeter to protect the coils and provide edge support. Edge support can keep you from rolling over the side and make it easier to move in and out of bed.

The base foam keeps the coils structured, preventing sagging that could cause the mattress to lose its shape.

The hybrid’s layers of foam are certified safe by CertiPUR-US®, meaning an independent agency determined our production process is free of:

  • Ozone depleters
  • Formaldehyde
  • Heavy metals such as mercury and lead
  • PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants

The hybrid also contains low amounts of volatile organic compounds for minimal off-gassing. Reduced off-gassing means your hybrid will have a less noticeable “new mattress smell” when you first unbox it.

A California king size Zoma Hybrid is $1099 with free shipping. You have a 100-night sleep trial that starts once the Zoma Hybrid arrives, and you can return the bed for a full refund if you’re not satisfied after the adjustment period. Every Zoma Hybrid also includes a 10-year limited warranty.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress blends elements of a foam mattress with a traditional innerspring bed. The bottom has a coil setup similar to a spring mattress, although most hybrids contain modern pocketed coils instead of a traditional coil setup. The top is at least 2 to 3 inches of malleable foam, ready to mold to your body for pressure relief and supportive cushion.

The foams in a hybrid can vary from company to company. Many brands offer hybrids with a memory foam top layer, while others may feature latex or poly-foam hybrids.

Hybrid manufacturers may include a transition layer between the top foam layer and the pocketed coil layer. Transition layers can increase a bed’s comfort and support, improving the bed’s overall feel.

Why a California King Size Mattress?

California king size mattress is 72 inches by 84 inches or 6 feet by 7 feet. The bed size is often recommended for people over 6 feet tall, whether they’re sleeping alone or sharing with a partner.

Couples with a narrow master bedroom may also want to think about sleeping on a California king mattress. The bed is slimmer than a standard king mattress, making it easier to fit into bedrooms with specific dimensions.

Your bedroom should be at least 12 feet by 12 feet if you’re considering a California king mattress. While you can cram a Cal king mattress into a smaller bedroom, the bed won’t leave much space for bedroom furniture or walkway paths.

More Mattress Sizes

A California king size mattress isn’t the right mattress for everyone. The best mattress for you might be a more compact bed that can fit in a smaller bedroom.

There are five other standard mattress sizes you can consider: twin, twin XL, full, queen, and standard king mattresses.


twin size mattresstwin size mattress is the smallest standard size that adult sleepers should consider. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who needs to make the most of limited living space, such as studio apartment dwellers. Some adults may find the size too cramped, and may want a larger mattress.

Twin XL

twin XL size mattress is 5 inches longer than a standard twin, providing better accommodation for taller sleepers. If you’re not interested in a twin XL bed for yourself, the size can fit into a guest bedroom or children’s room.

A twin XL is usually the smallest size you can consider if you’re interested in an adjustable bed frame. Only a few adjustable base manufacturers make twin size adjustable beds.


A full size mattress is a good choice for sleepers who like to stretch out or tend to toss and turn. It’s 16 inches wider than a standard twin mattress. If you’re a taller sleeper, you might want to try a full XL size mattress, which offers 5 extra inches of length.

We can only recommend a full size hybrid mattress for single sleepers, not couples. The full size bed was a popular choice for couples decades ago before king and queen mattresses became widely available. However, because a full size mattress can only offer each partner 27 inches of sleeping space, the demand for full size beds has declined.


A queen size mattress is the most popular mattress size for all sleepers. Single sleepers may choose it for a luxurious sleeping experience, while couples choose it because it’s an affordable bed large enough to share. A queen bed can fit in most bedrooms.

A queen size hybrid mattress is a particularly good choice for couples. It’s a relatively affordable mattress. The average queen hybrid mattress costs $1,700, although many quality options are priced as low as $1,000. The bed’s motion isolation features can also prevent a person from disturbing their partner’s rest.

Are you having difficulty deciding between a California king and a queen size mattress? Our California king vs. queen guide details the pros and cons of each to make a decision easier.


The biggest difference between a king size mattress and a California king is their dimensions. A king mattress is 4 inches wider than a California king, with the trade-off that a king is also 4 inches shorter.

Couples who want to share a king mattress might want to consider the benefits of a split king mattress. This mattress is technically two separate beds, each the same size as a twin XL mattress. Dividing the mattress in half allows each partner to sleep on a different firmness, maximizing their sleep quality.

You can read more about the benefits of split king mattresses in our king vs. split king guide.

Understanding Firmness Level

When you’re mattress shopping, it’s important to know what mattress firmnesses will feel comfortable. You don’t have to try out a handful of mattresses to figure out your perfect firmness. Instead, you only need to understand how your sleeping position and body weight affect how a mattress feels.

Sleeping Position

Your favorite sleeping position is the first thing to consider when deciding on mattress firmness. Each of the three positions has an associated firmness range for optimal comfort and support.

If you’re a side sleeper, your main priority is making sure your mattress relieves pressure. Otherwise, you might wake up with stiff shoulders and sore hips. A mattress for side sleeping should have a soft to medium feel, ensuring the bed offers a pressure-relieving cushion.

Back sleepers need a supportive mattress that can ease pressure in the lower back. Look for a medium-firm to firm feel when you’re shopping for a mattress for back sleeping.

Stomach sleepers require a mattress that limits sinkage. Otherwise, they could misalign their spine and develop chronic back pain. A firm mattress can help stomach sleepers rest better at night.

Body Type

The other main consideration when you’re choosing a firmness is your body type. Your weight determines how much you press down on the mattress. Heavy people place more pressure on a mattress than smaller sleepers.

You qualify as a heavy person if you weigh more than 230 pounds. Conversely, you are a petite sleeper if you weigh less than 130 pounds. People in between these two extremes are considered to be of “average” weight.

Usually, a mattress for a heavy person should have a firmer feel. Firmer beds tend to soften with great amounts of pressure, so the mattress won’t feel as firm under a heavy person as it would an average sleeper. A firmer mattress can also resist wear and tear better than a softer bed.

A heavy person can sleep on a soft mattress if the bed has added support features. A soft mattress that isn’t supportive could lead to chronic back pain and other issues. Responsive transition layers and bouncy coils can promote more support without reducing softness.

A mattress for a petite person should have a soft feel. Even a medium mattress can feel too firm if a sleeper is too light to press down and soften the mattress. Softer mattresses can conform to a smaller sleeper for adequate pressure relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a California king bed?

The name comes from the fact that the bed size was invented in California. The bed offers people taller than 6 feet a comfortable way to sleep. For some sleepers, even the standard king size mattress is too short, leaving their feet dangling over the end or pressing up against a footboard.

Is a hybrid mattress a good mattress?

A hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for many sleepers:

  • The coil support system can lift heavier sleepers who might sink too deeply into a traditional foam mattress.
  • The bed’s responsive support can make it easier for restless sleepers to move in the night.
  • Couples can enjoy the motion isolation features offered by the bed’s pocketed coils and foam top.
  • A hybrid for side sleeping can provide a mix of bounce and pressure relief.

Do two twin XL beds make a California king?

No, two twin XL mattresses set side by side equal the dimensions of a standard king mattress. A king is 4 inches wider and 4 inches shorter than a California king bed. Because this mattress setup is divided in half, it’s known as a split king mattress.

Split king mattresses are a good choice for partners who have different firmness preferences but still want to share a bed. It can also allow for more customization than a standard king mattress when paired with an adjustable base.

Will a king size comforter fit a California king bed?

It should because most comforters have larger dimensions than their corresponding mattress size. A king size comforter may be 100 to 110 inches wide and 86 to 88 inches long, which should be enough to cover a California king size mattress’s dimensions.

A king size comforter may hang a bit short off the foot of the mattress or a bit long off the sides. However, the comforter should be big enough to keep sleepers on a California king mattress warm. If you have a thick mattress, you might want to try an oversized king comforter.

Can you put a king mattress on a California king box spring?

No, and you can’t do the reverse and put a California king mattress on a standard king box spring. While there are only a few inches of difference between a king and California king mattress, it’s significant enough to keep a box spring in a different size from providing full support. If you were to pair a mismatched king mattress with a box spring, parts of the mattress would hang over the sides.

Plus, you shouldn’t use a box spring if you’re buying a hybrid or foam mattress. Box springs were originally designed for use with a traditional innerspring mattress. They don’t provide the support that other mattress types require.

What should I do with my old mattress?

Most people aren’t interested in keeping an old mattress around once they have a new one. However, if yours is still in good condition, you might want to consider re-using it as a guest room mattress.

If your old bed is in good condition, but you don’t want to keep it, you might try donating it to a local charity. Reach out to nearby shelters and churches to see if they accept mattress donations.

Recycling services and junk retrievals can haul away worn-out beds. A web search for mattress removal services should bring up options in your local area.

You can also shop for a new mattress that includes white glove delivery. White glove delivery involves a delivery team setting up your new mattress and removing your old one.

What is an oversized king?

An oversized king mattress is a bed larger than a standard king or California king. Examples include Wyoming king, Alaskan king, and Texas king mattresses:

  • A Wyoming king is 84 inches by 84 inches.
  • An Alaskan king is 108 inches by 108 inches.
  • A Texas king is 80 inches by 98 inches.

Because these beds are nonstandard sizes, they usually have to be custom ordered from an online mattress manufacturer.

Did We Help?

A California King hybrid is an excellent way for a tall person to upgrade their master bedroom. The bed’s coil support will lift a sleeper, providing bouncy support that makes movements easier. The mattress’s foam top eases pressure points that could otherwise lead to a painful morning.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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