Hybrid Mattress in a Box

Hybrid mattresses have grown more popular over the years, as has the idea behind the mattress-in-a-box trend. Many consumers love the convenience of ordering a mattress online and having it shipped straight to your home.

If you’re interested in a hybrid mattress, you can choose one without ever stepping foot in a mattress store. You can judge a hybrid’s quality through a little online research, narrowing the possibilities down until you find your next mattress. The best hybrid mattresses offer a blend of support, softness, cooling features, and motion isolation.

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Best Hybrid Mattress Overall: Zoma Hybrid

Hybrid Mattress in a BoxThe Zoma Hybrid is a bouncy alternative to our memory foam mattress. The bed offers the same recovery benefits as the classic Zoma Mattress, thanks to our unique comfort foams.

There are four layers in a Zoma Hybrid. A soft, breathable, and stretchy polyester cover encases the 12-inch mattress.

The top layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam with triangular cutouts in the shoulder and leg areas. The cutouts increase airflow in and out of the mattress, which restricts heat build-up.

The second layer is 2 inches of Reactiv™ foam. Reactiv™ is a responsive poly-foam that adapts to your movements, allowing the bed to snap back into shape quickly. The dense nature of Reactiv™ increases the bed’s support without impacting the bed’s breathability.

Seven inches of pocketed coils support the Zoma Hybrid. We wrap the coils before placing them inside the mattress, allowing each coil to react to your movements independently. This design feature prevents motion transfer without compromising on the bed’s signature bounce.

Underneath the pocketed coils is a 1-inch layer of base foam. The base provides a solid surface for the coils to stand upright, limiting sagging.

The Zoma Hybrid features a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, the same as our memory foam mattress. If you decide the Zoma Hybrid isn’t your perfect bed after 30 nights, we will give you a full refund.

Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress: Zoma Boost

The Zoma Boost is a top-of-the-line hybrid mattress that combines the best of foam and coil constructions. It features multiple layers of high-quality materials designed to provide maximum comfort and support, from thick comfort foams to sturdy pocketed coils.

Starting from the top, you’ll first notice the soft, quilted cover made of moisture-wicking fabric that helps regulate your body temperature and keep you cool throughout the night. Lying on the surface of the Boost is like slipping into a relaxing pool of cooling water.

Beneath that is a layer of hypersoft foam that provides a plush, comfortable surface for you to rest on, followed by a layer of graphite-infused memory foam. These foam layers conform to your body and distribute your weight evenly, reducing pressure on your joints and muscles. In other words, these pressure-relieving foams can alleviate pain and prevent discomfort.

The buoyant transition foam is aptly named for its reactivity. Reactiv™ foam minimizes the chances of misalignment, keeping sleepers from sinking too far into the surface and uncomfortably bottoming out on the coil support. The pocketed coil base stands tall and strong, with the sides reinforced for edge support.

Like the original Zoma Hybrid, the Zoma Boost comes with free shipping, a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty.

What is a Mattress in a Box?

Bed-in-a-box companies compress mattresses to save on space in delivery vehicles. When laid flat, a mattress can take up a lot of room. Larger beds such as a king size mattress might not even fit inside a standard delivery vehicle.

When that same mattress is compressed, it can be rolled up and placed inside a relatively small box. Once it’s boxed up, the mattress can easily fit inside any delivery vehicle. Even better? This allows brands to ship out more mattresses at once, which is not only cost-effective, but it’s eco-friendly, as well.

Choosing a bed in a box mattress can broaden your shopping options beyond your local mattress stores. Many mattress-in-a-box companies sell their wares online, so you can pick a mattress and receive it without needing to leave your home.

What is White Glove Delivery?

Many mattress companies go beyond a simple front door drop-off and offer white glove delivery. With white glove delivery, a delivery team will not only bring your mattress to your bedroom but set it up and remove your old mattress.

Some companies feature the service as an add-on you can pay extra for, while others offer “free white glove delivery” as part of the mattress’s price. A company may also give you the option to pay for set-up and mattress removal separately if you don’t require both services.

Making the Most of Online Shopping

Many bed-in-box mattress companies are online exclusive, which is why the Internet is a good starting point for a new hybrid mattress. Even if you can try out a mattress-in-a-box at your local mattress showroom, there are benefits to online mattress shopping.

Online mattress companies tend to offer lower prices than what you would find at a brick-and-mortar store. An online company saves money by selling directly to the customer rather than through a middleman mattress store.

It’s also easier to see what other people think of a mattress when you browse online. A trustworthy company should have a review section where people can leave a comment about their purchase. It’s a good idea to read the lower-rated reviews to spot any common complaints or potential problems.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

In biology, the term “hybrid” refers to the offspring of two different species or subspecies. Therefore, a hybrid mattress is the metaphorical “child” of two different types of mattresses.

A hybrid mattress blends an innerspring mattress’s support with a foam bed’s comfort layers. Combining elements of both can reduce or eliminate the drawbacks of each bed. Hybrid mattresses tend to keep cooler than a foam mattress. Plus, the added foam layers in a hybrid can provide more pressure relief than the traditional innerspring bed.

We must note that the use of the word “hybrid” isn’t regulated. Mattresses companies can call any bed a hybrid as a marketing tactic. For example, a company might label a foam mattress as a “hybrid” because it uses a mix of different foams. A true hybrid mattress has at least 2 to 3 inches of foam on top of a coil support core.

Parts of a Hybrid Mattress

The exact construction of a hybrid mattress varies from company to company. However, most roughly follow the same design.

Comfort Foam Layers

A hybrid mattress must have a top foam layer that’s at least two to three inches thick. Many hybrids have a memory foam comfort layer. There are also hybrids with a top layer of latex foam or polyurethane foam.

A basic hybrid model should have at least one layer of comfort foam. Manufacturers may add a second foam layer for more support, comfort, and responsiveness. While this creates a more comfortable bed, it also raises the mattress’s cost.

Coil Support Layer

Instead of traditional spring coils, most hybrid mattresses contain a layer of pocketed coils. To create pocketed coils, manufacturers wrap each coil in foam or fabric packets. Producers wrap the coils to limit motion transfer, enhancing the bed’s comfort.

Base Foam Layer

The base foam’s durable construction helps it withstand pressure, promoting its stability through years of use. A hybrid without base foam would not give the pocketed coils a sturdy surface to push off from, which would eventually compromise the coil layer’s support.

Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

There are many reasons why a hybrid mattress is one of the best types of mattresses. Hybrids offer pressure relief, motion isolation, temperature control, and edge support.

Long-Lasting Pressure Relief

Innerspring mattresses tend to transfer movement across the bed. This tendency presents an issue for couples. One partner’s movements may disturb the other’s rest.

The thick foam layers of a hybrid offer pressure relief for a good night’s rest. Hybrid mattresses also tend to last longer than a traditional innerspring mattress. While a hybrid may still sag through use, it’s less likely to sag than an innerspring mattress.

Cooling Features

The main drawback of a traditional memory foam mattress is its heat retention. Traditional memory foam can’t release body heat quickly, which allows the heat to build up and potentially affect your sleep.

A hybrid mattress offers more breathability because of its coil support. Air can circulate better around coils than through dense support foam. By promoting more airflow to wick away heat, a hybrid promotes a cooler sleeping surface.

Motion Isolation

Another issue innerspring owners may face is the bed’s tendency to transfer movement across the mattress. This is especially an issue for couples, with one partner’s movements potentially disturbing the other’s rest.

Hybrid manufacturers solve this problem by wrapping the coils inside the mattress. Each coil can then react individually to your movement, preventing motion transfer.

The thick foam layers of a hybrid usually feature motion isolation as well. In particular, memory foam is well-known for its ability to absorb motion at the point of impact.

Edge Support

Edge support is a natural byproduct of a hybrid’s design. Manufacturers surround the perimeter of the coil layer with stiff, protective foams. These foams also firm up the bed’s edges, which can prevent you from rolling off and make it easier to get in and out of bed.

However, a mattress with edge support has a smaller sleeping surface than a mattress that lacks it.

Choosing a Mattress Size

If you’re upgrading your bedroom or moving to a new place, you may be considering a new mattress size. To choose the best size for you, you’ll want to consider your bedroom size and budget. The right mattress won’t overcrowd your bedroom, and should instead leave you with enough space for bedroom furniture and walkway paths.

Mattress SizeMattress Dimensions
Twin38 inches by 74 inches
Twin XL38 inches by 80 inches
Full54 inches by 75 inches
Queen60 inches by 80 inches
King76 inches by 80 inches
California king72 inches by 84 inches
Split kingTwo beds, each 38 inches by 80 inches

Understanding Firmness Levels

Mattress companies use the firmness scale to determine how soft or firm their mattress is. The majority of mattresses qualify as one of five firmnesses—soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-firm, and firm.

Most of us can’t sleep comfortably on just any firmness. We usually have to choose one that works well with our sleeping position and body type.

Each sleeping position has a different recommended firmness range:

  • Side sleepers should look for a mattress in the soft to medium range. Mattresses for side sleepers should provide extra cushioning for their shoulders and hips.
  • mattress for back sleepers should have a medium-firm to firm feel for support. A medium mattress with targeted back support can be a good choice for a softer mattress.
  • Stomach sleepers require a firm mattress to prevent sinkage. If their abdomen sinks too far into the bed, the spine is drawn out of its neutral alignment.
  • Combination sleepers benefit from sleeping on a medium feel mattress that can adequately support all sleeping styles. A mattress for a combination sleeper should also have excellent motion isolation to offset the sleeper’s tossing and turning.

Your body weight also affects how comfortable a mattress feels. A firmer mattress takes more pressure to soften up, allowing the bed to better take on added weight. We usually recommend firmer mattresses for a heavy person over 230 pounds, but a softer mattress can be considered if it has added support layers.

Conversely, petite people should shop for a softer mattress since they won’t press down enough on the average mattress. A soft mattress offers the pressure relief that a small sleeper might not experience with a firmer bed. You qualify as petite if you weigh less than 130 pounds.

Supporting Your Hybrid Mattress

You should keep your hybrid mattress on a foundation that features consistent, even support. If you do not place your hybrid mattress on a supportive surface, the mattress layers may sag, damaging the pocketed coil support core and reducing the bed’s comfort.

Good frame or foundation choices for a hybrid mattress include:

  • Platform beds
  • Adjustable bed bases
  • Wooden mattress foundations
  • Even a plank of moisture-resistant plywood

We do not recommend box springs because their interior coils are spaced too far apart to offer enough support. If you use a slatted surface, the slats should be no more than 2.75 inches apart.

It’s a smart idea to decide if you need a new bed base or frame before you purchase a mattress. Many mattress companies let you add on a foundation or bed base at a discounted price when you buy a new mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a hybrid mattress come in a box?

Yes, a hybrid mattress can usually be compressed into a box for easy shipping. Mattress companies have machines that can compress hybrids without damaging the bed. When you unbox your hybrid mattress and slip it out of its plastic covering, the bed will begin to regain its shape. It will take a few hours for a hybrid mattress to reach full expansion.

Can you flip a hybrid mattress?

Most hybrid mattresses should not be flipped. Like many other types of modern mattresses, the average hybrid bed has a layered design with a soft top layer and a supportive base. If you flip a hybrid with this design, it would flatten the comfort layer and leave you sleeping on the stiff base foam that covers the coil support core.

Compromising your bed’s comfort and support is unlikely to provide you with a great night’s sleep. If you want to even out wear and tear on your hybrid mattress, try rotating it every three to six months.

Are hybrid mattresses good for side sleepers?

Yes, hybrids are well suited for side sleepers. The bed’s supportive coils prevent spinal misalignment, while the thick foam top provides pressure relief. A hybrid mattress for side sleeping should have a soft to medium feel, to ensure it provides enough cushion for the hips and shoulders.

Are hybrid mattresses better than foam mattresses?

A hybrid mattress isn’t necessarily better or worse than a foam mattress. Both types can be made with quality materials and help a wide range of people sleep better.

The two beds have different feels. A hybrid mattress lifts a sleeper, while a memory foam tends to cradle a person.

A memory foam mattress is usually less expensive than a hybrid. It’s a good choice for a budget mattress.

A hybrid mattress naturally maintains a cool temperature because its coils promote air circulation. That’s not to say that a foam mattress can’t provide a cool sleep surface, but manufacturers have to add extra materials during production, such as gels.

Are hybrid mattresses good for back pain?

A hybrid mattress is an excellent mattress for back pain. The coils support your spine and back muscles, preventing misalignment and limiting muscle strain. The comfort foams mold to your back’s curves, leaving no part unsupported and providing excellent pressure relief.

When your hybrid mattress's coils start to wear out, you will want to replace your mattress. Sleeping on an unsupportive mattress can cause a sore back and other morning aches and pains.

Consider a medium-firm mattress if you’re looking for a bed to relieve back pain. Scientific research suggests that it’s the best firmness for preventing back pain.

Did We Help?

A hybrid mattress-in-a-box can be an excellent choice for many sleepers. Hybrids are made with a wide variety of materials and have a broad firmness range. For example, you can choose the classic memory foam hybrid or pick a natural latex hybrid mattress.

The best mattresses enable you to wake up without a hint of exhaustion. Your new bed should support your spine and relieve pressure points, so you feel better waking up than when you went to bed.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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