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Super King 180cm x 200cm

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A Super King Size Mattress

Experience the ultimate in luxury and cutting-edge technology with the Zoma Super King. This mattress offers an unparalleled sleep experience.

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    "The mattress athletes have always dreamed of"

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    "The perfect blend of comfort, pressure-relief, responsiveness, and support"

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    "You owe it to yourself to try Zoma today"

Revitalising, restful sleep.

Our Zoma Mattress is designed with advanced foam technology that provides targeted support and a cool sleep environment. The open-cell structure of our memory foam ensures breathability, while the high-density foam offers superior durability and support.

No compromises.

The Zoma Mattress is designed not just to provide comfort to the sleeper but also to rejuvenate and restore their bodies. Our advanced foam technology features a balance of contouring and support, while the high-density foam adds responsiveness and a bit of bounce to the bed. Our Support+ core provides the bed extra durability by deterring sagging.

Who is a Super King size mattress good for?

  • Plenty of Space

    A Super King mattress offers a luxurious amount of room for both single sleepers and couples to spread out and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

  • Couples and families

    Each half of a couple has 90cm to themselves, which is room enough for many.

  • Upgrade a master bedroom

    Larger master bedrooms can accommodate a super king size mattress, leaving you with plenty of room to both relax and move about.

How much to spend on a super king size mattress.

Mattress companies determine the prices of their mattresses based upon the materials used, the attached warranty and sleep trial, and any additional sleep technologies such as gel memory foam or extra support to prevent back pain.

The best mattress for you depends on your sleep position and any health conditions. A stomach sleeper needs a mattress with a firm feel to maintain neutral spine alignment. A sleeper with severe allergies needs a bed that prevents allergens from accumulating, such as a high-density memory foam mattress.

You might worry you need to spend thousands of dollars on a super king size mattress, but that’s not true. Mattresses with a price tag greater than £2200 are often marked up for the appearance of luxury, rather than for any special features they offer.

Added features, however, can increase a mattress’s costs, as these features take more effort and material to make. Common cost-increasing features include cooling measures, reinforced edges, quilted plush pillow tops, thicker comfort layers, added layers, and organic materials.

A little research can give you an idea of the average cost of a mattress so you’re not overpaying. Remember, high prices are not a guarantee of luxury. If you’re thinking about a more expensive mattress, examine its features and look up similar mattresses to compare prices.

Beware of too-cheap beds, as well; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. An inexpensive super king size mattress might be more of a money drain than it is a money saver, as you have to replace it sooner than you expected. Many cheap beds contain low-quality foams that will break down within a few short years.

Still unsure if a mattress is a good deal? Try reading through the warranty to see how long it lasts and what it covers. The industry standard for a mattress warranty is 10 years, so any warranty shorter than that may signal a lower quality mattress.

How big is a super king size mattress?

A Super King size mattress is 180 cm wide and 200 cm long.

  • Single

    90cm x 190cm

  • Double

    135cm x 190cm

  • King

    150cm x 200cm

  • Super King

    180cm x 200cm

Which size mattress is best for me?

  • Kid’s room, studio apartments

  • Kid’s room, studio apartments

  • Master bedrooms, guest rooms

  • Extra large master bedrooms

Sleep on it.

A Zoma super king size mattress comes with a risk-free, 100-night sleep trial. If you’re unhappy with your mattress during the sleep trial, we will issue you a full refund.

See why people 
love the Zoma Mattress.

James B.

My wife and I have been sleeping on our Zoma king mattress for nearly two months now and we are very happy with our purchase. It is very comfortable and feels cooler than our last memory foam mattress which had a tendency to trap heat. I would describe our previous mattress as firm to medium firm and the Zoma feels a bit softer than that, but I still find it very comfortable. The price was great. We got our king for about $800 with a promotional discount. The shipping was free and it arrived in about 4-5 days. Overall we are very happy with our mattress and would recommend others check out Zoma if you are looking for a comfortable and affordable mattress.


I take a good night's sleep very seriously and am very pleased with my Zoma mattress. Amazing quality, and extremely comfortable, and great for my back aches. The packaging is beautiful and makes transporting it a breeze!

Michael W.

I went back to my parents and slept on my old bed for thanksgiving. Could not sleep at all. You've ruined my childhood bed for me. I'm sleep deprived and completely non-nostalgic.

Dylan S.

This mattress is simply great. I bought the queen and plan to get the frame and pillow next. If the bed is any indication on the comfort and durability of Zoma prodcuts, I can't wait for them to arrive. If you're unhappy with any of your current sleeping products, check to see if zoma makes a replacement first.

Shane B.

I had a Casper before and I hands-down like the ZOMA more than my previous bed. It's just soft enough to let you sink in but supportive enough to keep your posture in good shape throughout the night. I would highly recommend it.

Matt B.

My wife and I love this mattress. We are so happy to come home and dive into bed as soon as we get home. After a long day if work and exercise we rest soundly at night - to do it all over again tomorrow! Thanks!

Besart C.

Love the bed and pillow. The bed is awesome to be honest with you, love sleeping in it. Actually, some of the best sleep in my life — and every time I travel, I miss it.

Victor M.

I was recently in the market for a new mattress and was looking for something that can help me sleep better while also supporting my muscles when recovering from my workouts.

Cole K.

I am a 26 year old man who has recently been having lower back pain. After wrongly assuming I had been lifting wrong or sitting too much at work, I started to realize that the culprit was my mattress. I had a run of the mill spring mattress with a memory foam topper. As a back sleeper I found my lumbar spine was sinking in too much as I slept. I did extensive research and stumbled across "Zoma." My first night completely exceeded my lofty expectations. Thinking it may have been a one off, I remained cautiously optimistic. Fortunately after a month of sleeping on this product, I remain just as satisfied as my first night on this high quality mattress. Thank you Zoma!

Brandon Z.

I was able to set up this mattress and bed frame by myself without the use of any tools. Being an athlete, I’m fully aware of how important sleep is for the recovery process. This mattress has elevated my game! I’m feeling more rested each night which allowing me to focus more on the field! The mattress really molds to my body to the point where I wake up in the exact same position I fall asleep in. 5 stars no doubt! I’d recommend this to anyone looking to be more productive during the day!

Upgrade your sleep today.


Super King Size Mattress FAQs

What is the best super king size mattress?

The best Super King size mattress is one that provides the perfect balance of comfort and support. The Zoma Super King size mattress, with its advanced foam technology and high-density support, offers a restorative sleep experience that is hard to beat.

Are there different types of super king size mattresses?

Yes, Super King size mattresses come in various types, including memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid. The Zoma Super King size mattress is available as either memory foam or hybrid and both are designed with advanced technology for optimal comfort and support.

What should I look for when buying a super king size mattress?

When buying a Super King size mattress, consider the level of support and comfort it offers, its durability, and whether it has cooling properties. Also, consider the brand's reputation, the warranty, and the sleep trial period. The Zoma Super King size mattress ticks all these boxes, making it an excellent choice.

Can you flip a Zoma memory foam mattress?

No, the Zoma memory foam mattress is designed with a specific layer structure for optimal comfort and support, so it should not be flipped. However, it can be rotated head-to-foot every few months to ensure even wear.

What is the best time of year to buy a Zoma super king size mattress?

While Zoma offers high-quality mattresses at competitive prices year-round, you might find special deals during major holidays or shopping events like Black Friday or Boxing Day.

How often should you replace a Zoma super king size mattress?

A Zoma Super King size mattress is designed to last for many years with proper care. However, it's generally recommended to replace your mattress every 7-10 years for optimal comfort and hygiene.

Are hard or soft mattresses better for your back?

The best mattress for your back depends on your personal comfort preference and sleep position. The Zoma Super King size mattress offers a medium firmness level, which is generally suitable for all sleep positions and provides a good balance of comfort and support.

Does a Zoma super king size mattress need a box spring?

No, the Zoma Super King size mattress does not require a box spring. It is designed to work perfectly on any firm, flat surface.

Does the Zoma super king size mattress come with free shipping?

Yes, Zoma offers free shipping for all their mattresses, including the Super King size mattress.

Where are Zoma mattresses made?

Zoma mattresses are proudly made in the UK, adhering to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

How big is a super king size mattress?

A Super King size mattress is 200 cm long and 180 cm wide.

What is a good price for a super king size mattress?

The price of a Super King size mattress can vary greatly depending on its materials and features. The Zoma Super King size mattress offers exceptional value, providing advanced sleep technology at a competitive price.

Is a super king size mattress big enough for two?

Yes, a Super King size mattress can comfortably accommodate two average-sized adults.