Fitness tracking that does more.

Combining sleep and fitness in a smart way
so you can be better than ever

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Things to know about Digifit.

When will Digifit be available?

How much will Digifit cost?

More info to come.

Is Digifit a wearable device or home device?

Digifit is a wearable device which can be used as both a fitness tracker and sleep tracker.

Does Digifit include sleep tracking?

Yes, Digifit includes sleep tracking and a suite of analytics to help you incorporate better sleeping into your training regimen.

What is Zoma?

Zoma is a company aimed towards helping you recover through better sleep by providing the best mattress and mattress accessories possible. Zoma currently sells a memory foam mattress, a customizable pillow, and mattress foundation.

The Zoma mattress has been called “the best mattress for athletes” but what makes it great for athletes makes it great for everyone. With a 12-inches profile, the Zoma mattress utilizes three advanced layers to help you sleep better.

The first layer features gel-infused memory foam designed to keep you cool throughout the night. Plus, the first layer uses Triangulex™–triangle-shaped cutouts that offer zoned support to help relieve pressure points. The zoned support in the Zoma mattress helps both side sleepers and back sleepers find quality rest through the night.

The Zoma pillow is a truly innovative and customizable pillow. If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll tend to want your pillows thicker, helping keep your neck straight. If you’re a back sleeper, you’ll want the pillow thinner. The best pillow is one that works with you and not against you. Zoma’s MicroCushion™ technology allows you to adjust the pillow to accommodate your sleeping style.

The Zoma Mattress foundation provides the support and stability your mattress needs to support you. The Zoma Mattress foundation can be placed directly on your existing bed frame, making it an excellent and simple box spring replacement. The foundation can also be used as its own bed set – screw in the optional wooden legs and set the foundation wherever you want your bed. The Zoma Mattress foundation, like the Zoma pillow and Zoma mattress, comes with free shipping.