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Elevate your sleep with Zoma accessories.
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Zoma Adjustable Bed

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Select a size

The Zoma
Adjustable Bed
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Queen (60" x 80")

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Elevate your sleep.

The Zoma Adjustable Bed is built to adjust to your unique sleep needs—not the other way around. Enjoy the benefits of improved circulation, clearer breathing, reduced pressure, and more to get your best night’s sleep.

  • Head Articulation

    Full articulation of the head helps
    you sit up easily, reduce snoring,
    and improve circulation.

  • Versatile Design

    The base is designed to work
    without legs, so you can sit the base
    on your current bed frame.

  • Foot Articulation

    Raise your legs to relieve lower
    back pressure, ease discomfort, and
    improve circulation.


Elevate your head to prevent snoring or lift your legs to ease joint pain. Whatever your sleep needs, the Zoma Adjustable Bed allows you to adjust the angle of your head and feet to find the most comfortable position for sleep.

One-click comfort.

The Zoma Adjustable Bed’s programmable remote allows you to save your favorite positions for sleep. These customizable positions along with the Zero-Gravity and Flat presets allow you to adjust your comfort with the click of a button.


Place your Zoma Adjustable Bed directly on the floor or inside an existing bed frame. Its universally-compatible design allows it to work with nearly all standard size bed sets.

Combine our best products.

Get your best sleep when you combine the Zoma Adjustable Bed with the Zoma Mattress.

Easy delivery
and setup.

Get free, no contact delivery. We’ll ship your new Adjustable Bed straight from our facility to your door. Afterward, you can assemble it yourself with no tools needed. It’s that easy.

Product specs.

Product & Shipping Dimensions

Twin XL
38" W x 80" L
109 lbs.

60" W x 80" L
143 lbs.

76" W x 80" L (2 pcs.)
218 lbs.

Split King
38" W x 80" L (2 pcs.)
218 lbs.

Split California King
72" W x 84" L (2 pcs.)
218 lbs.

Bed & Legs heights
3” bed base (no legs) +
3”, 6”, and 9” optional legs

* Our regular King size adjustable base comes in two halves that you can use independently or you can sync both parts to use as one. It’s the same as our Split King model. This makes handling the bed easier so it can fit through most door frames, hallways, elevators, and stairs. We’ve listed our adjustable bed as a regular King so you can pair your adjustable bed with a regular King size mattress. When you select Split King, the mattress add-on will be a Split King size.


The Zoma Adjustable Bed is made with industrial-grade steel supports, optional 3-in-1 legs (that adjust to 3”, 6”, and 9” in height), and 100% polyester stylish gray upholstery. It also assembles quick and easy with no tools needed.


We partner with FedEx Freight to deliver the Zoma Adjustable Bed. After you place your order, it may take up to 7 business days to ship. Once your new Adjustable Bed leaves our facility, it may take 7-10 business days to deliver to your doorstep.

10-Year Warranty

Every Zoma Adjustable Bed comes with a three-part 10-year warranty. During your 1st year, the warranty covers all parts and labor. During the 2nd year, the warranty covers all parts but labor and transportation are not covered. Through years 3-10, you’ll receive limited prorated coverage for the adjustable bed’s metal frame (not including its cover, side rails, platform legs, motors, remote controls, or power cords). For any issues, our friendly customer support team is on standby to assist!

Customer reviews.

Frequently asked questions.

What mattress works best with an adjustable bed?

We recommend memory foam mattresses for adjustable beds because they flex easily as you adjust the base. They also complement the benefits of the adjustable bed by relieving pressure points and responding quickly to movement, so you don’t feel stuck. That means you can sleep comfortably knowing that your Zoma Mattress suits your Zoma Adjustable Bed perfectly.

Latex foam and poly-foam can work with adjustable bases, too, since they are flexible like memory foam. Their soft but responsive feel means they can “bounce back” to their original shape quickly. As you adjust the head and feet of your mattress, the foam will move with you.

We do not recommend most innersprings with adjustable beds since the coils can make it difficult for the mattress to bend with the base. Always check with the company via customer service or the company policies online to be sure your mattress will work with an adjustable base. You don’t want to risk damaging the mattress or the base and voiding your warranty. Some innersprings and hybrids do work with adjustable bases, however. Just double-check with the mattress brand before you purchase your adjustable bed.

Do I need a professional to set up my adjustable bed?

No, you can do it all by yourself! You won’t even need any tools to set up the adjustable bed—just some old-fashioned elbow grease. But since the adjustable base is heavy, you may want some extra hands to help move it.

What is the weight limit for adjustable bases?

Including the weight of your mattress, the adjustable base only safely supports up to 700 pounds. Applying any more weight to your adjustable bed may void the warranty and risk personal injury and damaging it.

What are the advantages of using an adjustable base?

Being able to elevate your head and feet leads to a healthier posture, but that’s not the only reason an adjustable base is a great investment. Slightly elevating your head opens up your airways, potentially reducing snoring, acid reflux, and sleep apnea symptoms. And elevating your legs may improve circulation.

Besides health benefits, an adjustable bed makes watching TV or reading a book in bed much more comfortable.

Can I use my adjustable bed with an existing bed frame?

Yes, you can use your adjustable base in an existing bed frame to fit more closely with your bedroom’s design, or you can use it by itself. It can be paired with any flat or slatted surface. It also comes with removable 3-in-1 legs so it can sit in open bed frames or be used as a stand-alone base.

Is the Zoma Adjustable Bed included in the 100 Night Sleep Trial?

No. The Zoma Adjustable Bed is a final sale item. However, you can rest assured your purchase is protected with our 10-year warranty. If you run into any issues with your Adjustable Bed, give us a call at 888-400-8856 or email us at and we'll be sure to assist.

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