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Find the right pillow for your sleeping position.

Zoma Pillows

Zoma Sports Pillow

Versatile, cooling technologies provide custom comfort and support for your head and neck.

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Zoma Sports Pillow

Zoma Body Pillow

Experience perfect side sleeping with adaptable comfort from head to toe.

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Zoma Body Pillow

Better pillows for better sleep

How Zoma pillows help you sleep better and recover faster

  • Comfier Sleep

    Support that stays cool for true uninterrupted comfort.

  • Hassle-free Care

    All Zoma Pillows are machine washable, so when life happens, it’s easy to take care of.

  • Not Your Average Pillow

    Extra quality care and details make for pillows that you never find a reason to complain about.

  • Free Shipping

    We ship all Zoma Pillows for free anywhere within the continental United States.

  • Lasts a Decade or More

    Our warranty backs your pillow for a full decade. If there are any manufacturing defects, we will repair or replace it for free.

  • Comfier Sleep

    Support that stays cool for true uninterrupted comfort.

    Hassle-free Care

    All Zoma Pillows are machine washable, so when life happens, it’s easy to take care of.

  • Not Your Average Pillow

    Extra quality care and details make for pillows that you never find a reason to complain about.

    100-Night Sleep Trial

    We offer 100 nights to test out your new mattress at home. If you decide the mattress isn’t right for you, you can return it for a full refund.

  • Free Shipping and Returns

    We’ll ship the Zoma Mattress for free anywhere within the continental states. And if you wish to return the mattress, we’ll have you donate it to a local charity on our behalf.

    Lasts a Decade or More

    Our warranty backs your mattress for a full decade. If it sags beyond ¾ of an inch during your first 10 years of ownership, we will repair or replace your mattress.

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Frequently asked questions.

What types of sleepers will enjoy the Zoma Sports Pillow?

Our Zoma Sports Pillow is flexible enough to support side, back, and combination sleepers. Stomach sleepers can also enjoy our Zoma Sports Pillow, but many stomach sleepers find the most comfort using very thin pillows or no pillow at all.

Inside the stretchy, knit cover of our Sports Pillow is shredded memory foam (with added cooling gels for even better comfort) designed to mold to the head and neck to offer pressure relief and support for sleepers of all needs—just fluff the pillow up or flatten it down to fill the gap between your head and the mattress. And don’t worry, you won’t have to constantly re-fluff our Zoma Pillows to keep them comfy; once the Sports Pillow is fluffed, it maintains support.

Is the Zoma memory foam pillow good for neck pain?

When designing the Zoma Sports Pillow (and our Zoma Body Pillow, even), we knew we wanted something versatile to suit most sleepers, but it was more important for us that our Zoma Pillow relieves bothersome neck pains.

When talking with our customers, a common issue many mention is neck pain and struggling to find a comfortable pillow; so we applied everything our customers were saying they wanted in a pillow and incorporated high-tech, adaptable MicroCushions™.

The shredded gel memory foam in our Zoma pillows is contouring, cooling, and highly pain-relieving. Whether you’re a side or back sleeper, or you toss and turn at night, our pillows can help you wake up pain-free and ready to take on the day.

How adjustable is the Zoma Sports Pillow?

Our Zoma Sports Pillow contains proprietary MicroCushions™ technology so it can be easily molded to fit beneath your head. And due to the responsive support this unique memory foam fill offers, it’ll maintain its shape until morning. Unlike other adjustable pillows that require you to remove and add fill to change their support, our Zoma Sports Pillow is easy to use and low maintenance—you won’t need to worry about stuffing and unstuffing a pillow in the middle of the night.

What are the benefits of using the Zoma Body Pillow?

Many people choose to use body pillows because they like the extra comfort of hugging a big cushion at night. That said, there are direct health benefits to using body pillows including better posture, better breathing, and better sleep.

Body pillows fit below your head and in between your knees while side sleeping to keep you resting in a healthy, neutral position. This is not only comfortable for side sleepers and sleepers avoiding pain but also expecting mothers. Not to mention, the extra cushion that body pillows provide offers gentle support for baby bumps to ease pregnancy discomforts.

Maintaining a healthy sleep position also helps to keep your airways open at night, preventing sleep disturbances like snoring and disorders like obstructive sleep apnea.

In addition, many sleepers turn to body pillows to assist when changing sleeping positions. If you’re trying to switch to side sleeping or looking to avoid rolling onto your belly, body pillows can keep you propped in the right position.

If you struggle to achieve deep sleep or wake up with aches and pains in the morning, we suggest trying our Zoma Body Pillow with adaptable, gel-infused memory foam.

Do the Zoma pillows come with a warranty?

They sure do! We back both of our memory foam pillows with a lengthy 10-year warranty to ensure you’re covered from manufacturing defects. Considering most pillows last less than five years, you can feel confident our 10-year pillow warranty will help you get the most for your money.

Do Zoma’s memory foam pillows—Sports and Body—smell like chemicals?

Nope! Our Zoma memory foam pillows use CertiPUR-US® certified foam so they’re low in VOCs and free from harmful chemicals (in addition to other questionable materials like heavy metals, PBDE flame retardants, formaldehyde, and more). Since our pillows are low in VOCs, they’re less likely to have a chemical smell. But even in the event they release some off-gassing odors, the scent dissipates much faster than odors from other foam products.

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