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California King (72" x 84")

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Zoma Mattress

California King Size Mattress

With the perfect feel and advanced technology, the Zoma cal king is an unmatched sleep experience.

  • uncrate

    "The mattress athletes have always dreamed of"

  • gear patrol

    "The perfect blend of comfort, pressure-relief, responsiveness, and support"

  • cool material

    "You owe it to yourself to try Zoma today"

Restorative, restful sleep.

We combine our Triangulex™ technology with the latex-like Reactiv™ to create a cooling, responsive mattress. Triangulex™ adds breathability to an already cool layer of gel memory foam with triangular cutouts. Reactiv™ helps the mattress adapt to your movements and buffers the bottom layer to prevent a loss of support.

Don’t compromise.

The foam layers of our Zoma Mattress provide a revitalizing night’s rest. The Triangulex™ technology in the top layer contains triangle cutouts for added contouring under the head and legs, while the mattress’s middle is firm for support. Reactiv™ adds some springiness to keep you lifted, while the base layer of Support+ foam provides the bed’s durable structure.

Who is a cal king size mattress good for?

  • Restless sleepers

    A California king size mattress offers 6048 square inches of space—plenty of room for you to stretch out and move around.

  • Couples

    A California king size mattress offers each partner more space than a twin size mattress (3024 square inches).

  • Taller sleepers

    The four extra inches of length a California king size mattress is perfect for those on the taller side who want to keep their feet from dangling off the mattress./p>

How much to spend on a California king size mattress.

Companies set a mattress’s price based upon its materials and features, its warranty, and its sleep trial. Extra features such as gel memory foam, edge support, or a plush pillow top or Euro top increase a mattress’s price.

Consider your preferred sleeping position and any health conditions. Side sleepers need thicker comfort layers to relieve pressure points—and the added material means a side sleeper’s mattress comes at a higher cost than a mattress made with fewer materials. Sleepers with back pain need cushion as well, but they should look for a mattress with extra lumbar support.

If you’re buying a California king size mattress to share with a partner, consider both your sleep needs. You can choose a mattress that’s a compromise between what you both need, or find a split California king size model that lets you tailor your side to your wants and needs.

Some mattress companies use marketing tactics to make an average or even a below-average mattress look better than it is, charging more than $3000 for a California king size mattress. Learning the average cost of different mattress types and sizes makes it easier to see through marketing ploys. When considering a bed, look at mattresses with similar features and materials to see how much they cost.

Be careful not to assume a lower-priced mattress is automatically a good bargain. A low-cost mattress may contain cheap foams or thin coils quick to break down—the materials used to make the mattress may even be unsafe.

A mattress’s warranty gives a glimpse into a mattress’s quality if you’re still unsure about a bed. Mattress brands determine a warranty’s coverage by testing its durability—and the standard mattress warranty covers 10 years. If a mattress includes a shorter warranty, the bed may be of lower quality.

How big is a California king size mattress?

A Cal king size mattress is 84 inches long and 72 inches wide.

  • Twin

    38" x 75"

  • Twin XL

    38" x 80"

  • cal king

    54" x 75"

  • Queen

    60" x 80"

  • King

    76" x 80"

  • California King

    72" x 84"

  • Split King

    38" x 80" x 2

Which size mattress is best for me?

  • Kid’s room, studio apartments

  • College dorm, studio apartments

  • Kid’s room, studio apartments

  • Master bedrooms, guest rooms

  • Extra large master bedrooms

  • Extra large master bedrooms

  • Split King

    Master bedrooms, adjustable beds

How does a Zoma Cal king size mattress compare in price?

  • Amerisleep
  • Purple
    The Purple
  • Serta®
  • Sealy®

Sleep on it.

A Zoma Cal king size mattress comes with a risk-free, 100-night sleep trial. If you’re unhappy with your mattress during the sleep trial, we will issue a refund.

See why people 
love the Zoma Mattress.

James B.

My wife and I have been sleeping on our Zoma king mattress for nearly two months now and we are very happy with our purchase. It is very comfortable and feels cooler than our last memory foam mattress which had a tendency to trap heat. I would describe our previous mattress as firm to medium firm and the Zoma feels a bit softer than that, but I still find it very comfortable. The price was great. We got our king for about $800 with a promotional discount. The shipping was free and it arrived in about 4-5 days. Overall we are very happy with our mattress and would recommend others check out Zoma if you are looking for a comfortable and affordable mattress.


I take a good night's sleep very seriously and am very pleased with my Zoma mattress. Amazing quality, and extremely comfortable, and great for my back aches. The packaging is beautiful and makes transporting it a breeze!

Michael W.

I went back to my parents and slept on my old bed for thanksgiving. Could not sleep at all. You've ruined my childhood bed for me. I'm sleep deprived and completely non-nostalgic.

Dylan S.

This mattress is simply great. I bought the queen and plan to get the frame and pillow next. If the bed is any indication on the comfort and durability of Zoma prodcuts, I can't wait for them to arrive. If you're unhappy with any of your current sleeping products, check to see if zoma makes a replacement first.

Shane B.

I had a Casper before and I hands-down like the ZOMA more than my previous bed. It's just soft enough to let you sink in but supportive enough to keep your posture in good shape throughout the night. I would highly recommend it.

Matt B.

My wife and I love this mattress. We are so happy to come home and dive into bed as soon as we get home. After a long day if work and exercise we rest soundly at night - to do it all over again tomorrow! Thanks!

Besart C.

Love the bed and pillow. The bed is awesome to be honest with you, love sleeping in it. Actually, some of the best sleep in my life — and every time I travel, I miss it.

Victor M.

I was recently in the market for a new mattress and was looking for something that can help me sleep better while also supporting my muscles when recovering from my workouts.

Cole K.

I am a 26 year old man who has recently been having lower back pain. After wrongly assuming I had been lifting wrong or sitting too much at work, I started to realize that the culprit was my mattress. I had a run of the mill spring mattress with a memory foam topper. As a back sleeper I found my lumbar spine was sinking in too much as I slept. I did extensive research and stumbled across "Zoma." My first night completely exceeded my lofty expectations. Thinking it may have been a one off, I remained cautiously optimistic. Fortunately after a month of sleeping on this product, I remain just as satisfied as my first night on this high quality mattress. Thank you Zoma!

Brandon Z.

I was able to set up this mattress and bed frame by myself without the use of any tools. Being an athlete, I’m cal kingy aware of how important sleep is for the recovery process. This mattress has elevated my game! I’m feeling more rested each night which allowing me to focus more on the field! The mattress really molds to my body to the point where I wake up in the exact same position I fall asleep in. 5 stars no doubt! I’d recommend this to anyone looking to be more productive during the day!

Zoma Cal-king Mattress

Upgrade your sleep today.


Cal King Size Mattress FAQs

What is the best California king size mattress?

There is no one “best mattress” for everyone, as sleeping position, body type, health concerns, and comfort preferences impact what a person needs from a mattress.

The best California king size mattresses offer enough support to maintain neutral spine alignment, but are malleable enough to fit to your curves and ease pressure points. The mattress should also have the durability to last several years.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type before you choose a new mattress.

Mattress Type Pros Cons Good for
Memory Foam
  • Pressure-relieving
  • Conformability
  • Quiet
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • May trap body heat
  • A sleeper may feel "stuck"
  • Off-gassing
Side sleepers
Back sleepers
Stomach sleepers
Combo sleepers
  • Responsive
  • Contouring
  • Aerated for
  • Isolates motion
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Heavy
  • Firmer feel than many sleepers expect
  • Expensive
Side sleepers
Back sleepers
Stomach sleepers
Combo sleepers
  • Bouncy
  • Cooling
  • Edge support
  • Little to no pressure relief
  • Motion transfer
  • Noisy coils
  • Prone to sagging
  • Allergens and dust mites may accumulate
Back sleepers
Stomach sleepers
  • Bouncy
  • Breathable
  • Pocketed coils isolate motion
  • Foam layers block out allergens
  • Noisy coils
  • Coils transfer more motion with age
  • May sag within a few years
  • Expensive
Side sleepers
Back sleepers
Stomach sleepers
Combo sleepers

Memory Foam
Memory foam mattresses grew popular through the bed in a box movement because they can easily fit in a small box for home delivery. Shipping directly to the customer also lets online brands sell mattresses at a reduced price, as the company doesn’t have to pay for the costs of a storefront.

Memory foam mattresses contain at least two foam layers—on top is a memory foam layer, and underneath is a base layer of supportive, stiff foam. Higher quality mattresses add a transition layer to prevent sinking through the comfort layer and hitting the support layer.

Sleepers with allergies may want to try a memory foam mattress, as the material’s density prevents allergens and dust mites from accumulating inside the mattress.

Traditional memory foam’s density can trap body heat, as air cannot easily flow through and carry off the excess heat. If too much heat collects in the mattress, it can disturb your rest. Some companies add cooling gels to create a gel memory foam mattress that wicks away body heat, while others infuse the foam with different conductive materials (copper, graphite, charcoal).

Latex and memory foam have similar contouring abilities—however, latex is a firmer, bouncier material than memory foam.

The most durable kind of latex is natural latex. To produce natural latex, manufacturers extract rubber tree sap and process it with the Dunlop or Talalay methods. Dunlop is dense and firm, while Talalay is soft and springy.

Natural latex mattresses can be expensive, thanks to the costs of harvesting and processing the sap. It can be challenging to find a latex mattress as well, as most of them are restricted to online stores. Some owners find it worthwhile to track a good latex mattress down, as the best latex beds can last between 10 to 20 years.

While not as popular as they once were, many people still enjoy the feel of an innerspring mattress. Its bouncy coils keep you lifted and make the mattress more breathable.

Many sleepers, however, find an innerspring mattress lacks pressure relief—the thin comfort layer just can’t mold itself fully to a sleeper’s body, and the areas it leaves unsupported cause pressure to build up. If you have a chronic pain issue such as back pain or hip, you may want to consider a more conforming mattress.

Manufacturers blend elements of an innerspring and foam mattress to create a hybrid mattress. The mattress has a coil support layer and 2 to 3 inches of foam—usually memory foam, but sometimes latex or poly-foam.

The coil core keeps the mattress cool by providing better air circulation than a dense support foam could offer, while the top layer of foam features more pressure relief than an innerspring mattress. A hybrid’s coils are usually wrapped in foam or fabric for better motion isolation.

Are there different king size mattresses?

Yes. Aside from a California king size mattress, there’s the standard king size mattress and split versions of each (for couples with different firmness preferences). You might also see a California king size mattress referred to as a “Western king” and a standard king called an “Eastern king.”

California King
72 inches by 84 inches

Standard King
76 inches by 80 inches

Split California King
Two mattresses, each 36 inches by 84 inches

Split King
Two mattresses, each 38 inches by 80 inches

What should I look for when buying a Cal king size mattress?

When shopping for a mattress, look for:

  • High-quality materials: High-density foams withstand extensive use best as the material is tightly packed together. Thicker coils maintain support longer than thinner coils.
  • A suitable firmness:Your sleeping position affects what firmness option is best for you. Side sleepers should consider a mattress with a soft to medium feel. Back sleepers should look for mattresses with a medium-firm to firm feel. Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress to prevent spinal misalignment.
  • Hypoallergenic properties: A dense top layer, such as memory foam or latex, prevents allergens and dust mites from settling in a mattress.
  • Cooling technology:If your mattress absorbs too much body heat, you might wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. Cooling gels, other conductive materials (copper, graphite, charcoal), and added air channels can improve heat dispersion.
  • Motion Isoloation:If you share a bed with a restless sleeper, a mattress that isolates motion can prevent sleep interruptions. Memory foam is the best type of mattress to prevent motion transfer; conversely, an innerspring’s bounce can have you feeling your partner’s every movement.
  • A long sleep trial and warranty:Many sleep trials last for around 100 days, and the industry standard for a mattress warranty is 10 years.
  • A reasonable price:Most mattresses stores mark up a mattress’s price to meet storefront and staffing costs—if you want a good deal on a quality mattress, look online. Internet companies cut out the middleman and offer lower prices.

How much space does a California king size Zoma mattress need?

It’s a good idea to leave 30 inches of walking space around your mattress. We recommend a bedroom at least 11 feet by 10 feet, though you might need more space for bedroom furniture.

Does a Zoma California king size mattress need a box spring?

We cannot recommend using a box spring with our mattress or any other kind of memory foam mattress, as the box spring’s construction simply can’t offer the consistent support a foam bed needs. The springs inside are spaced far enough apart that the parts of the memory foam mattress sink into the gaps, stretching the bed out of shape and causing premature sagging.

Instead, we recommend a slatted bed frame or a solid foundation. Of the two, slats promote more airflow to cool down a mattress—a solid surface prevents air from moving through the bottom of a bed.

If you use a slatted foundation, make sure the slats are spaced no more than 3 inches apart and are at least 0.5 of an inch thick. Any slats thinner or further apart won’t offer the even support the mattress needs.

Will king size sheets fit my California king size Zoma mattress?

No, as the reduced width and added length keeps standard king size fitted sheets from slipping over a California king size mattress. King size blankets and comforters can be used on a California king size mattress, although they may hang slightly over the sides.

What if my California king size mattress feels too firm or soft?

An extensive sleep trial protects you from settling for a mattress that doesn’t feel right for you. If you find your mattress is still uncomfortable after the typical 30-day adjustment period, you can return your mattress.

If you’re past the sleep trial period and you need to change your mattress’s feel, try a mattress topper. A topper adds a few extra inches of soft or firm foam—and some toppers include gel foam for added coolness.

A memory foam mattress becoming softer or firmer can be a sign that the material is wearing out—a topper can still help you stretch out the use of your bed until you want to replace it.

How often does a Zoma mattress need replacing?

Memory foam mattresses such as the Zoma mattress typically need replacing up to every 10 years, as the mattress materials lose support and become less comfortable. That is why we offer a 10-year warranty to ensure your mattress will last for a decade.

You may have to replace your mattress earlier than expected, however, if you don’t take care of it. If your mattress is not kept on a sturdy foundation and regularly cleaned and rotated, it may wear out sooner.

Where are Zoma mattresses made?

Each Zoma mattress is made to order here in the United States. We use CertiPUR-US® certified foams in all of our mattresses for consumers’ safety.

How big is a California king mattress?

A California king is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. Cal king mattresses are slightly narrower than standard kings, but they are four inches longer, so they are a favorite for tall people.

What is the average price of a California king mattress?

Most California king mattresses run between $1,000 and $2,000 on average. California kings are a little bit harder to find, so finding a good deal can be a little more tedious, but not impossible.

What’s the difference between a standard king and a California king?

The difference is the width and length. A common misconception is that Cal king mattresses are bigger than standard kings, but they are actually only longer than kings. They’re a good option for people who want the surface area of a king but their living space is narrower.