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Zoma Adjustable Bed

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Our Best Seller

Zoma Foundation

Provides durable support and slides together in minutes. It even comes with removable legs.

Starting at 


8.5” - 14.5”


FedEx Ground

Weight Limit

400 lbs per side / 800 lbs total

Our Best for Pain

Zoma Adjustable Bed

A customizable setup with limitless ergonomic positions, preset settings, and 3-in-1 legs.

Starting at 
$840 $1200


4” - 13”


UPS Ground

Weight Limit

350 lbs per side / 700 lbs total


Zoma Adjustable Bed Bundle

Unlock the ultimate sleep experience with the Zoma Performance Sleep Bundle.

Starting at 
$1049 $2079

Zero-G Sleep

The Zoma Adjustable Bed's Zero-G preset relieves pressure and rejuvenates.

Triple-Layer Comfort

Zoma Sports Mattress offers cooling, responsiveness, and durability.

Total Savings

Save up to $1840 with this premium bundle.

When to consider an adjustable bed

There are countless good reasons to own an adjustable base, including:

  • You Have Lower Back Pain

    Raising the torso and the legs, such as in the pre-programmed “Zero-G” position, reduces lower back pressure that can lead to pesky pains.

  • You Read In Bed

    Make reading in bed even easier by elevating your head to the perfect angle, and adjust back to flat with the simplicity of one-touch presets.

  • You Snore (Or Your Partner Does)

    If someone in your bedroom snores, a slight torso tilt can improve sleep by providing better airflow for them and a quieter bedroom for you.

Zoma Foundation

  • Delivers durable support to keep your mattress in shape
  • Designed to take the place of a box spring, but it also comes with legs so it can work as a standalone base
  • Our frame assembles in minutes with smart corner clips and a perfectly-placed slat pack
Shop the Foundation
Zoma Mattress and Adjustable Bed
  • Easy To Assemble

    Our frame assembles in minutes without any tools! Just slide the four rails into place and roll the slat pack on top.

  • Versatile Design

    Some people need a foundation to replace a box spring, others need one as a bed frame — no matter your needs.

  • Provides Sturdy support

    We back every Zoma Foundation with a 1-year warranty to protect your investment from manufacturing defects.

Zoma Mattress and Adjustable Bed

Zoma Adjustable Bed

  • Allows you to adjust to your favorite position with the click of a button
  • The minimalist design makes it compatible with any bed frame and can even be set directly on the floor
  • Our Adjustable Bed’s whisper-quiet motors allow you to gently change positions without disturbing anyone
Shop the Adjustable Bed
  • Save Your Favorite Positions

    Toggle between flat, zero-G, or your own saved settings to get into the perfect position for sleep.

  • Head &Foot Adjustment

    Some people need a foundation to replace a box spring, others need one as a bed frame — no matter your needs.

  • Charge &Connect

    Easily-accessible USB ports keep all of your devices charged and by your bedside.

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Frequently asked questions.

How should I choose the right bed base?

To find the right bed base, consider the support your mattress needs and the type of frame you want. Almost all mattresses require some sort of foundation or support system, and mattress warranties will usually outline the guidelines for choosing a compatible bed base to make the shopping process a bit easier.

Once you understand what your bed needs as far as support, then you can compare different options and find one that appeals to your taste. If you’re more concerned about appearance, you’ll want to select one that fits well with your decor. However, if you’re more concerned with functionality and comfort, you can’t go wrong with an adjustable bed frame.

Are adjustable bed frames good for side sleepers?

Yes, adjustable bed frames can upgrade almost anybody’s night sleep. While it might seem unnatural to sleep on your side at an angle, many side sleepers find better comfort in lifting their legs, elevating their head, or both! We should mention, adjustable bed frames are also beneficial for those looking to transition to side sleeping, as they allow you to adjust the angle of your head and feet until you find that perfectly comfortable position. Whether you’re already a side sleeper or looking to change to side sleeping, an adjustable bed frame can certainly help.

Can you keep the Zoma Mattress on a box spring?

We recommend against keeping the Zoma Mattress on a box spring because box springs can cause damage to foam beds (and placing your Zoma directly on a box spring can void your warranty). Box springs work well with innerspring mattresses because they absorb motion and offer extra bounce, but their bouncy responsiveness doesn’t deliver the solid, consistent support foam mattresses need.

Our Zoma Mattress needs a solid or slatted foundation (with slats no more than 3 inches apart) for even support. If you have a box spring at home you’d like to continue using, you can throw a bunkie board or ¾-inch moisture-resistant piece of ply-wood on top to create an even surface for your mattress.

Do bed frames make a difference in comfort?

They certainly do! Bed frames can make or break the comfort of your mattress, especially since they’re responsible for providing the proper support to keep your bed in tip-top shape. If you have an incompatible mattress foundation, it can cause your bed to sag and develop uncomfortable lumps, ultimately leading to poor sleep.

If your mattress is getting the right support, it can promote better sleep for years. That said, the type of support also influences comfort, too. Adjustable bed frames are going to be more comfortable than mattress foundations, and a bed frame that matches your decor and creates a haven for sleep will feel more comfortable than one that barely fits in your bedroom.

Do Zoma bed bases come with a sleep trial?

No, only our Zoma mattresses qualify for our 100-night risk-free trial. Our Zoma Foundation and Zoma Adjustable Bed are both final sale items and are ineligible for returns or exchanges.

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