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Our Zoma Mattress has high-quality materials and the latest in sleep technology to provide you with deep, restorative rest. Its gel memory foam will keep you cool throughout the night.

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Try a pillow that works for you. The Zoma Pillow offers versatility and cooling combined for truly custom comfort.

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Adjustable Beds

Treat yourself to the total sleep upgrade, and save hundreds doing so! Get our Adjustable Bed Frame for 30% off. Plus, you can pair it with the Zoma Mattress to get an even better sleeping experience.

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Zoma Adjustable Bed

Questions and Answers

Is Memorial Day a good time to buy a mattress?


Memorial Day weekend is one of the best times of year to buy a mattress. Not only is it one of the biggest sale days of the year, but it falls in May—when many mattress stores clear out older models to make space for newer models in June.

What are the best Memorial Day mattress deals?


There are numerous deals offered during Memorial Day weekend, such as hundreds of dollars off a mattress with free pillows thrown in. The best mattress purchase you can make is one that fits in your budget and will last you for many years—don’t just buy a mattress because it has the lowest price or the most free add-ons!

How do I know I need a new mattress?


First, ask yourself how old your mattress is. Most mattresses need replacing after eight years of use.

Then ask yourself how well you’re sleeping. If you wake up after a full night’s sleep with aches and pains or you still feel tired, you might need a new bed.

Check the condition of your mattress. If it's sagging or you find yourself rolling toward the middle, it has most likely lost support and can no longer maintain neutral spine alignment. Other signs of wear include lumps, rips, and cracks in the foam.

Check to see how firm or soft your bed feels as well. Foams often grow excessively soft as they wear down, although the mattress can also become firmer as the comfort layer flattens with use.

The coils in spring mattresses tend to squeak and sag as they wear out. The coils also isolate less motion with age, so if you can feel your partner toss and turn, it’s time for a new mattress.

How much should I pay for a good mattress?


A mattress’s price depends on material quality, what type of mattress it is, how thick it is, and its sleep trial period and warranty. The price also depends on any sleep technology or extra comforts such as proprietary foams, plush pillow tops or Euro tops, or cooling features. Online mattress retailers usually have lower prices as they sell directly to the customer and tend to have fewer business costs.

White glove delivery—where your new mattress is not only delivered but set up by the delivery service—also increases the price. Many customers find the extra cost worthwhile because some bed-in-a-box mattresses are heavy and difficult to carry, even boxed up.

Think about the mattress’s value when you compare sale prices. Lower cost mattresses tend to last only a few years, while a quality mattress should last you at least seven years.

One method to judge a mattress’s value is by examining the warranty. Mattress companies test their mattresses’ durability to determine a warranty’s length, and a standard warranty lasts 10 years. If a warranty is shorter than that, the mattress may be made of lower-quality materials.

You can also read customer reviews to determine a mattress’s value—look for reviews from long-term owners who have owned a mattress for at least three months.

How firm should a mattress be?


The firmness that’s right for you depends on your preferred sleeping position, body type, and comfort preferences.

Side sleepers need plush mattresses with a soft to medium feel to relieve pressure, while back and stomach sleepers need the support of a medium-firm to firm mattress. If you switch between multiple positions in the night, you’re a combination sleeper and should purchase a mattress with a medium feel.

Heavy people over 230 pounds need a firmer mattress, while petite people under 130 pounds need a softer mattress.

If you see a mattress with a label such as “luxury firm” or “cushion firm,” don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a firm mattress. Mattress brands add extra padding to those mattresses, so the bed ultimately has more of a medium feel.

What size mattress is best for me?


Think about your bedroom’s size, budget, and how many people will be sleeping on the mattress. For example, a queen size mattress is a popular choice for both couples and single sleepers, as it fits in most bedrooms, and many excellent queen mattresses cost less than $1000.

Size Dimensions in Inches
Twin 38 by 74
Twin XL 38 by 80
Full 54 by 75
Queen 60 by 80
King 76 by 80
California King 72 by 84

Do I need a box spring for the Zoma Mattress?


We cannot recommend keeping your Zoma Mattress on a box spring. A box spring’s inner coils are not close enough to prevent the mattress from sinking between, causing premature sagging. Keeping your Zoma Mattress on a box spring will void its warranty unless you place a 0.75 inch-thick piece of plywood over the entire box spring.

Instead of a box spring, we recommend a solid or slatted platform. A slatted foundation like our Zoma Foundation is best because the space between slats lets airflow wick away heat and moisture. However, the slats must be no more than 3 inches apart to ensure the mattress doesn’t slip between slats.

An adjustable base is also an excellent choice, though it can be pricey; many adjustable bed frames cost more than $1,000. Adjustable bases can alleviate the symptoms of snoring, sleep apnea, acid reflux, arthritis, back pain, and restless legs.

Can you flip the Zoma Mattress?


Like most memory foam mattresses, the Zoma Mattress is not designed for flipping. We made the Zoma Mattress with a thick support layer on the bottom and softer layers on top. Flipping the mattress compresses the comfort layer and negates the bed’s support.

What is the best mattress of 2024?


Memory foam mattresses such as our Zoma Mattress conform to your body, providing pressure relief and motion isolation. Memory foam doesn’t press up against the body, which makes it an excellent choice for a chronic pain sufferer. Traditional memory retains body heat, but many manufacturers add features such as cooling cutouts or gel memory foam to distribute heat better.

Latex mattresses provide pressure relief, much like memory foam. However, its inherently firm, bouncy feel keeps you lifted more than memory foam does. Natural latex is an expensive material, but while synthetic latex is more affordable, it only lasts a few years, while natural latex beds can last more than a decade.

Innerspring mattresses are the oldest mattress types. The coils keep you lifted, but they also limit the pressure relief the bed provides. If you’re a side sleeper or have a chronic pain issue, we suggest a mattress that contours more to your body.

Hybrid mattresses pair an innerspring’s coil support with a 2 to 3-inch foam layer. Typically the comfort layer is memory foam, but you can find hybrids with latex or poly-foam. The coils provide more bounce and breathability than an all-foam bed, while the foam layer is hypoallergenic and relieves pressure points.

What if I missed the Memorial Day sale?


If you missed out on our Memorial Day mattress deals, don’t worry. We offer excellent mattress deals on July 4th, Labor Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Of course, you might not be able to wait to buy your new mattress. We offer year-round deals too!