What You Should Know About Mattress Trial Periods

Key Takeaways

  • Convenience and Comfort: Mattress trial periods provide the convenience of testing a mattress in your home, ensuring you experience optimal comfort and support before committing to a purchase.
  • Risk-Free Decision Making: With a mattress trial period, you have the freedom to make an informed decision without the fear of buyer’s remorse. It’s a risk-free way to invest in your sleep quality.
  • Read the Fine Print: Pay attention to trial period details, including return policies, duration, and any additional costs. Understanding the terms ensures a smooth experience and prevents any surprises.
  • Personalized Sleep Experience: Utilize the trial period to explore different sleeping positions and assess the mattress’s impact on your sleep quality. This hands-on approach helps you find a mattress tailored to your specific needs, promoting better sleep and overall well-being.

Choosing the right mattress is crucial for your well-being, and trial periods offer a unique opportunity to test your mattress in the comfort of your home.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits, things to consider, and how to make the most out of your mattress trial period.

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What is a Mattress Trial Period?

A mattress trial period is a specific timeframe offered by mattress retailers, usually ranging from 90 to 120 nights, during which customers can test the mattress at home.

This allows buyers to experience the mattress’s comfort, support, and overall suitability within the familiar environment of their own bedroom.

Benefits of Mattress Trial Periods for Consumers:

Here are a few benefits you should look for:

Risk-Free Experience: Customers can assess the mattress without the pressure of immediate commitment, ensuring they’re satisfied with their purchase.

Customized Comfort: Trial periods empower consumers to find a mattress that caters to their specific sleep preferences, enhancing overall sleep quality.

Increased Confidence: Knowing they can return the mattress if unsatisfied boosts customer confidence, encouraging more confident purchasing decisions.

How Trial Periods Work: Policies, Duration, and Conditions:

Mattress companies offer easy returns, some even arranging pickup within 90-120 nights.

Customers must maintain the mattress and understand the terms for eligible returns.

  1. Trial Duration: Opt for a trial period that gives you enough time to adjust to the new mattress. A duration of 90 to 120 nights is common, allowing you to experience different seasons and sleep patterns.
  2. Break-in Period: The break-in period, a crucial aspect of trial periods, refers to the initial phase during which the mattress is used to allow it to reach optimal performance. Understanding the duration of the break-in period is vital, as it directly impacts the effectiveness of the trial.
  3. Return Policies and Procedures: Understand the company’s return process. Look for hassle-free returns with clear instructions. Some companies offer free pickup and even assist in donating the returned mattress to charity.
  4. Additional Costs and Hidden Fees: Be aware of any hidden costs, such as restocking fees or return shipping charges. Reputable companies often offer free shipping and returns, ensuring you won’t incur unexpected expenses.
  5. Warranty and Customer Support: Check the warranty period and what it covers. A good warranty often indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Additionally, prompt and helpful customer support can be crucial if you encounter issues.

What to Look for In Mattresses During the Trial Period?

Here are the main factors to look for when evaluating a mattress in the trial period.

Comfort Level:

  • Assess firmness or softness.
  • Note pressure points or discomfort

Support and Alignment:

Temperature Regulation:

  • Evaluate heat retention.
  • Note if the mattress sleeps hot.

Motion Transfer:

Durability and Wear:

  • Monitor for signs of wear or sagging.
  • Assess material durability.

Allergies and Sensitivities:

  • Be mindful of allergic reactions.
  • Check for hypoallergenic features.

Trial Period Policies:

  • Understand terms and conditions.
  • Be aware of return or exchange fees.

Sleeping Positions:

  • Test comfort in various sleeping positions.
  • Note discomfort or pressure points.

Edge Support:

Overall Sleep Quality:

  • Monitor improvements or disruptions.
  • Consider factors like falling asleep faster and waking up rested.

Tips for Testing the Mattress Effectively:

Allow yourself at least a few weeks to get used to the new mattress.

Your body needs time to adapt to the different support and comfort it offers.

Patience is key to making an accurate judgment.

Experiment with the various sleeping positions you commonly use.

Whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, assess how the mattress supports your body in each position.

This exploration ensures the mattress caters to your preferred way of sleeping.

Pay attention to how the mattress feels in terms of comfort.

Does it relieve pressure points? Is it supportive enough for your back?

Also, assess the firmness level – whether you prefer a softer or firmer feel.

Your comfort and spinal alignment are paramount to a good night’s sleep.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During the Trial Period:

Here are a few common mistakes that are overlooked:

Not Reading the Fine Print:

Always carefully read the terms and conditions of the trial period.

Understanding the details, including return policies, duration, and any hidden fees, ensures you won’t be caught off guard and helps you make an informed decision.

Improperly Handling the Mattress:

Handle the mattress with care during the trial period.

Avoid damaging it, as any significant stains, tears, or odors may void the return policy.

Use a mattress protector to safeguard against accidents and spills, ensuring the mattress remains in its original condition.

Ignoring Warranty and Return Guidelines:

Familiarize yourself with the warranty and return guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Each mattress has specific criteria for returns and warranty claims.

Ignoring these guidelines might lead to difficulties in case you need to return the mattress or request repairs.

Adhering to the guidelines ensures a smooth process if any issues arise.

Trial Periods for Different Mattress Brands

Mattress BrandTrial Period
Zoma Sleep Mattresses100 nights
Ameri Sleep Mattresses100 nights
Avocado365 nights
Saatva365 nights
Brooklyn Bedding120 nights


What is a Mattress Trial Period?

A mattress trial period is a specified duration during which you can test a mattress in your home. If you're not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

How Long do Mattress Trial Periods Usually Last?

Mattress trial periods typically range from 90 to 120 nights, allowing you several months to decide if the mattress suits your needs.

Are there any Additional Costs Associated with Mattress Trial Periods?

Generally, reputable companies offer free shipping and returns during the trial period, ensuring you won't incur any extra expenses.

Can I Return a Mattress during the Trial Period if I don't like it?

Yes, most companies allow returns within the trial period. Make sure to follow the specific return instructions provided by the mattress company.

Is the Process of Returning a Mattress during the Trial Period Complicated?

Returning a mattress during the trial period is usually straightforward. Companies often arrange for pick up and handle the return process for you.

What if the Mattress gets Damaged During the Trial Period?

Many companies offer warranties that cover damages. However, it's essential to read the terms of the warranty before making a purchase.

Can I Exchange the Mattress for a Different Firmness or Model During the Trial Period?

Some companies allow exchanges, but policies vary. It's best to check with the specific mattress provider about their exchange options.

Will I Receive a Full Refund if I Return the Mattress during the Trial Period?

Yes, returning a mattress during the trial period typically results in a full refund, including the original shipping costs.

What if I have Allergies or Find the Mattress Uncomfortable after a few Weeks?

Allergies or discomfort are valid reasons for returning a mattress during the trial period. Ensure you adhere to the company's return guidelines.

Do all Mattress Brands offer Trial Periods?

Most reputable online mattress retailers offer trial periods, but it's essential to verify the details before making a purchase.

Can I still return the Mattress if I've Removed the Tags or Packaging?

Usually, removing tags doesn't affect the return policy. However, it's advisable to keep the original packaging until you're sure you want to keep the mattress.

What should I do if I Experience Issues with the Mattress after the Trial Period?

If you encounter problems with the mattress after the trial period, refer to the manufacturer's warranty. Many mattresses come with warranties covering specific issues for an extended period after purchase.


As we conclude our journey through the world of mattress trial periods, remember that your sleep quality matters.

Take advantage of these trial periods, delve into the world of comfort, and make an informed choice.

With the right mattress, your nights will be more peaceful, your mornings more refreshing, and your overall well-being vastly improve.

Sweet dreams await; happy sleeping!

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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