King Size Hybrid Mattress

Are you looking for the best mattress to upgrade your master bedroom? You might want to consider a king size hybrid mattress. A hybrid’s design offers a cool surface with pressure relief and motion isolation, all important features that prevent waking up too early.

Hybrid mattresses are a relatively recent innovation. The bed’s construction contains components from an innerspring and all-foam mattress. A hybrid mattress has a supportive coil system with a foam comfort layer.

The best hybrid mattresses provide all the advantages of a memory foam and innerspring mattress. The bed’s foam top should contour to you and ease pressure points. The coil support should be bouncy without carrying movement across the surface.

Our Recommendation: Zoma Hybrid

King Size Hybrid MattressThe Zoma Hybrid offers the same recovery benefits as our classic memory foam mattress. The bed has a slightly firmer feel than the Zoma Mattress because of its coil support system. The coils also enhance the mattress’s breathability, providing space for air to flow through.

Two inches of gel memory foam form the bed’s top layer. The gel memory foam contains aerated channels.

The second layer is 2 inches of Reactiv™ foam. Reactiv™’s buoyancy limits sinkage, preventing spinal misalignment. The foam’s responsiveness also keeps you from feeling trapped in your mattress.

The bed is supported by 6 inches of pocketed coils. We wrap every coil in a fabric “pocket” before placing it inside the hybrid. These wrapped coils isolate motion better than unwrapped coils.

The coils rest on a 1-inch thick foam base, promoting coil stability and discouraging sagging. Firm foams surround the perimeter, providing edge support.

A king size Zoma Hybrid is $1099 and includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. You might also want to consider our split king hybrid mattress at $1598. Split king hybrids pair well with an adjustable base.

Why Choose a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrids were designed to eliminate innerspring and memory foam mattresses’ shortcomings. A hybrid’s blend of high-quality materials can offer a cool sleep surface that also relieves pressure.

A memory foam mattress’s main drawback is its tendency to overheat. Body heat in the mattress builds up and may disturb someone’s rest.

A hybrid’s coil layer offers plenty of space for air to circulate. It’s a breathable alternative to a memory foam mattress’s base foam layer.

Innerspring mattresses are well-known for their bouncy coils and traditional design. However, the classic innerspring design is also infamous for its insufficient pressure relief. The lack of pressure relief is mostly because an innerspring’s thin comfort layers can’t contour fully to the body.

Because a true hybrid mattress must have at least 2 to 3 inches of foam in its comfort layer, the bed offers more pressure relief than an innerspring mattress. You’ll see hybrids with memory foam, latex foam, and polyurethane foam comfort layers.

Anybody can sleep on a hybrid mattress. However, you might find a hybrid especially comfortable if you’re:

  • A side sleeper who wants a bouncy bed. Many side sleepers don’t feel comfortable on a traditional innerspring mattress because the bed can’t provide the pressure relief they need. A hybrid’s design balances bouncy support with plush cushioning.
  • A couple looking for a bed to share. Hybrids offer excellent motion isolation, so one partner’s movements shouldn’t disturb the other’s rest.
  • A combination sleeper who needs a bed that prevents sinkage. Moving in your sleep is easier when your body remains on top of the mattress.
  • A person who sleeps hot, such as an athlete. If you’re a physically active person with more toned muscles than the average person, your body temperature may run a little higher than the average person. A hybrid’s breathable structure keeps you from overheating while you sleep.
  • A person with a condition that restricts movement, such as arthritis. Hybrid mattresses usually feature edge support, thanks to the firm foams that surround the coil layer.
  • A chronic pain sufferer. Hybrids contour closely to a person for full-body pressure and pain relief.

Why Sleep on a King Size Hybrid Mattress?

A king size mattress is the largest standard mattress size, measuring 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. The bed offers 6080 square inches of sleeping space, perfect for couples or singles who want to sprawl out. It’s a great addition to any master bedroom.

A king size bed is an excellent choice for:

  • Couples who want some personal sleeping space
  • Single sleepers looking for a luxurious bed
  • Side sleepers, particularly those who like to stretch out their arms
  • Combination sleepers who need space for their movements

Drawbacks of a King Size Hybrid Mattress

All mattress types and sizes have their advantages and disadvantages. A king size hybrid is no exception.

While a king mattress’s large size is one of its selling points, the bed’s size also means it won’t fit in a smaller bedroom. We do not recommend a king size mattress for any bedroom smaller than 12 feet by 12 feet. You can squeeze a king bed into a smaller room, but the mattress leaves little space for walkways and other furniture.

A king size mattress is also a heavy bed. A quality mattress should be at least 10 inches thick, and a king size mattress’s dimensions are 76 inches by 80 inches. A bed that big contains a lot of material, which can make moving or rotating a king mattress difficult.

There’s also the cost of a king size hybrid to consider. Hybrids are one of the more expensive mattress types since they mix different materials. King mattresses have high prices because they require a lot of materials. That’s why a king size hybrid is often more expensive than smaller sizes.

The price usually increases even more if you choose a split king size mattress. Split king mattresses have the same dimensions as a king bed, with two twin XL mattresses laid side by side.

However, a split king mattress is easier to move than a normal king. You can lift both beds easily, one at a time, instead of having to carry a whole king mattress.

Are you interested in reading more about the differences between king and split king mattresses? Check out our king vs. split king guide.

If a king size mattress isn’t the right bed for you, there are other mattress sizes to consider.

Mattress SizeMattress Dimensions
Twin38 inches by 75 inches
Twin XL38 inches by 80 inches
Full54 inches by 75 inches
Queen60 inches by 80 inches
King76 inches by 80 inches
California king72 inches by 84 inches

Judging a Hybrid Mattress’s Quality

It’s never been easier to buy a new mattress from the comfort of your home. You’ll find plenty of hybrid mattresses in a box that you can have shipped to your front door.

However, while online mattress shopping offers some perks like great low prices, it also means buying a mattress without seeing it in person. Can you judge the quality of a mattress that you’ve never seen? You absolutely can if you devote a little time to research.

Information like coil count, coil gauge, and warranty coverage can give you an idea of a mattress’s feel and durability. If this information isn’t on the mattress company website, try reaching out to customer service. Don’t forget to spend some time skimming through customer reviews, too.

Coil Count

As the term implies, coil count refers to the number of coils inside a mattress. The more coils a mattress has, the more expensive it usually is. A king size mattress may contain anywhere between a few hundred to more than a thousand coils.

A mattress with a high coil count may offer more specialized support. For example, a manufacturer may place thinner, softer coils in the shoulder and hip areas. Many of the best mattresses for a heavy sleeper contain a large number of coils for more support.

Coil Gauge

The coil gauge refers to the coil’s thickness. A lower number means a thicker coil with a firmer feel. A thinner coil has a higher number and promotes a softer, gentler lift. Most mattress coils are between 12 to 15 gauge.

A coil gauge can tell you more than how a mattress is likely to feel. The coils’ thickness also gives you an idea of their durability. A thicker coil resists sagging better than a thinner coil.

However, a bed with thinner coils isn’t necessarily less supportive than a thicker coil. It’s not uncommon for a mattress’s foam top to wear down before the supportive coils do.

Plus, many hybrid mattresses contain a mix of thin and thick coils. This design promotes a balance between support and comfort.


A high-quality mattress usually has one or more material certifications. These certifications are a stamp of approval by a third party and show that a mattress was made without toxic materials.

Common certifications include:


Mattress companies test out their bed’s durability to determine their warranty coverage. The industry standard for a mattress warranty is 10 years. If a mattress has a shorter warranty, it might signify that the bed contains lower-quality materials.

It’s also a good idea to skim through a warranty for sagging depth coverage. Most mattress companies will repair or replace a sagging mattress, but how deep an indentation must be for coverage varies between companies. Some companies cover sagging under an inch, while others only cover indentations deeper than 2 inches.

We recommend hybrids that include coverage for indentations under an inch. A sagging mattress can cause morning back pain, so it’s important to replace it as soon as you can.


It’s wise to read what other people are saying about a mattress before you purchase it. A trustworthy mattress company should have positive and negative reviews displayed on their website.

You should be wary if there’s only positive feedback or no place to submit reviews. The lack of reviews might mean the company isn’t willing to listen to customer feedback.

How Should I Support My Hybrid Mattress?

If you’re switching from an innerspring mattress to a hybrid, your bed frame might not be suitable for your new mattress. Box springs and many traditional panel beds don’t feature the consistent support that a hybrid needs.

A hybrid mattress kept on an unsupportive surface may sag prematurely. When a mattress sags, you’re likely to wake up tired and in pain from the loss of support.

Supportive surfaces include:

  • Platform beds
  • Metal bed frames
  • Wooden slatted foundations
  • Adjustable bed bases

Bed slats should be at least 0.5 inches thick and no more than 3 inches apart. If the bed slats are too thin, they may sag or break under the mattress’s weight. Slats that are too far apart can leave space for the mattress to dip between, stretching the bed out of shape.

An adjustable base is an especially great option if you’re considering a split king mattress. A split king mattress is technically two twin XL mattresses. When these two beds are laid side by side, they equal the size of a traditional king mattress.

Using a split king bed with an adjustable base lets you operate each half independently. If you enjoy lying flat, but your partner wants to elevate their head, an adjustable bed helps you both sleep comfortably.

The floor is an okay place to keep your mattress temporarily since it offers even support. However, we don’t recommend the floor as a permanent home for your mattress. Keeping your mattress on the floor can trap heat and moisture, promoting mold and mildew growth.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best hybrid mattress?

The best hybrid mattress for you will depend on your sleeping preferences and budget.

For example, a hybrid mattress for a side sleeper should have a soft to medium feel. Plus, side sleepers usually sleep best on beds with thick comfort layers. Other sleeping styles typically rest better on firmer beds with thinner comfort layers.

That’s why a mattress for side sleeping often costs more than a back or stomach sleeper’s mattress.

What is a king hybrid mattress?

A king mattress measures 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. The bed size is the largest standard size mattress.

A hybrid mattress has a coil base and a foam comfort layer that’s at least 2 to 3 inches thick.

So a king hybrid mattress is a bed that contains a coil support layer and a foam top and offers 6080 square inches of sleeping space.

Does sitting up in bed ruin the mattress?

When you sit up, the action puts pressure on your bed, but it shouldn’t ruin your mattress. However, sitting on the edges of your bed can wear down the mattress’s structure. If you can, try to avoid sitting on your mattress in the same spots. When you vary your position, it evens out wear and tear.

How long do hybrid mattresses last?

The lifespan of a hybrid bed depends on the quality of its materials. Usually, a hybrid mattress grows unusable as its interior coils lose support or when its comfort foams wear down. A hybrid mattress with thicker coils resists sagging better.

The average hybrid mattress usually lasts six to seven years. This number may increase as manufacturers improve their hybrids’ designs.

Do you really need a box spring with a new mattress?

A box spring often does last longer than a mattress. Many box springs provide support for a decade or more, while many mattresses only last six to eight years.

Traditionally, a box spring could make an innerspring mattress feel more comfortable. However, many modern mattresses do not need a box spring. A quality hybrid mattress shouldn’t require a box spring.

Did We Help?

It can be challenging to find the perfect mattress to share with your partner. A king size hybrid mattress is excellent for couples who want to upgrade their master bedroom. King hybrids provide a generous amount of sleeping space, responsive support, pressure relief, motion isolation, and edge support for a more comfortable sleep experience.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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